HGV Training Staffordshire

Are you from Staffordshire and require an extensive HGV training course with an excellent success rate? Contact Hingley Training now to find out how we can help you achieve your goals quickly and effectively with no compromise on detail! We specialise in expert tuition throughout the West Midlands area including Coventry, Cannock and throughout Staffordshire / surrounding areas.

Perfecting skills as a heavy goods vehicle driver has been the formula for a thriving and highly rewarding career for many drivers in the United Kingdom. You can achieve this too, by training with Hingley - offering a low-cost, top quality training solution using tried and trusted methods. Completion of the HGV training courses will allow the driver to use the full range of large commercial vehicles and will open the door towards many excellent career opportunities in the UK! Hingley boast a range of quality courses, focusing on the fundamental details - with the goal of producing industry professionals with exceptional skills and a high salary.

Hingley Training will not confuse you with unnecessary information, only focusing on the vital details such as road safety and the ever-evolving rules of professional compliance. Due the the excessive size and weight of the vehicles, it is important to emphasise the importance of road safety as other lives are in the hands of the driver. The rules and regulations are constantly changing and it is vital that you are up to date with all the latest laws.

Advantages of HGV Driver Training and Careers

Good Pay
Professional drivers can earn enough for a very comfortable living, in fact the UK average is currently over £30,000 (02/20). A large number of students will spend many years studying for a profession, only to find themselves unable to find a job due to lack of opportunities and experience. HGV Drivers can complete training in a much shorter span of time and be ready for a career with good financial rewards.

Job Security
Over the course of time, certain jobs can become less 'in demand' or even cease to exist ... However, the transport industry has remained stable and has proved to be a good platform for many rewarding careers. This is also unlikely to change with the UK economy being reliant on all types of transport - meaning that job security is another major plus if you are considering training for a career in HGV Driving.

Most HGV Drivers will tell you that one of the main perks of their job is being out on the open road with a sense of freedom you won't get with office and factory employment. Imagine earning a good wage every day, without a supervisor regularly looking over your shoulder and without a flood of interruptions. In addition to this, long distance drivers get to experience new places and see different land-marks on regular occasions! 

Lack of Repetition
No two days are exactly the same for a HGV Driver ... They are faced with different challenges and scenarios every day!