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The Vehicle Drivers (Certificates of Professional Competence) Regulations came into effect in 2007 following the Driver CPC EU Directive. The Driver Certificate of Professional Competence (Driver CPC) is relevant to all LGV and PCV driving professionals and as such drivers are required to undertake 35 hours of professional training during a 5 year period to keep their CPC valid.

Only courses that have been approved and are being delivered by a training centre that has been approved by the Joint Approvals Unit for Periodic Training (JAUPT) will count towards the periodic training requirement. Periodic training is designed to confirm and expand on the existing knowledge and skills of each driver, for example, by enabling them to keep up-to-date with ever-changing legislation. System Training was one of the first organisations to commence delivery of DCPC in 2008 and, during the past 5 years, has designed and developed an extensive range of 7-hour courses and 3.5-hour modules to satisfy both the PCV and LGV sectors.

Approved Courses

A – Customer Care (3.5hr module) Suitable for all drivers with a customer-facing role, this course enables drivers to understand how they can help to enhance their company image, improve their standards of service and understand how to deal appropriately with both internal and external customers. Aimed at ensuring that drivers conduct themselves in accordance with their company brand and values, this module will help to improve relationships between their company and their customer.

B – Driver Health and Eco-Safe Driving (3.5hr module) A classroom-based programme which enlightens drivers to the importance of physical and mental ability, the principles of healthy eating and the role of the basic work/rest cycle. Coupled with an introduction to the principles of safe and fuel-efficient driving, the course creates awareness of how driving technique effects fuel consumption. Drivers will learn how concentration and planning can reduce incidents and vehicle downtime, ultimately leading to reduced fuel costs for the fleet and a less stressed and healthier driver!

C – Drivers’ Hours (3.5hr module) This course provides candidates with the knowledge of working time to ensure they are aware of working periods specific to the transport industry. Ensuring drivers know the rules regarding rest breaks and working hours helps to develop a culture of safety and compliance, leading to a reduction in tachograph offences/infringements and corresponding costs.

D – Digital Tachographs (3.5hr module) Suitable for drivers of vehicles fitted with Digital Tachographs, this course provides candidates with knowledge of regulations (EEC) 561/2006 and 3821/85. The responsibility lies with both the driver and the employer to remain compliant. Ensuring drivers understand the rules regarding rest breaks and working hours helps to develop a culture of safety and compliance, leading to a reduction in tachograph offences/infringements and unnecessary costs.

E – Manual Handling (3.5hr module) Most back injuries are caused by heavy or awkward lifting and are a major cause of low performance within a job role. This course aims to create awareness of how to lift in a correct and safe manner, without causing damage to self or others.

F – First Aid Awareness (3.5hr module) Drivers spend a great deal of their working day alone in a high-risk environment with machinery and chemicals. In the First Aid session, candidates learn techniques such as resuscitation and CPR, gaining vital time in the wait for the Emergency Services in the event of an incident.

G – Health and Safety (3.5hr module) The course aims to help candidates identify and eliminate potential hazards in the workplace, with particular regards to vehicles. Providing practical advice to create an awareness of the safety culture within their businesses, the course content also covers slips, trips and falls and other workplace-related incidents, ultimately creating a responsible workforce who considers the consequences of their actions.

H – Load Security (3.5hr module) This course covers drivers’ legal responsibilities and possible penalties, principles of load safety, load security equipment, dangers of high vehicles / low bridges, pre-load checks, securing loads, including curtain-sided trailers, vehicle stability, vehicle rollover and avoidance and the correct procedure for loading a vehicle.

I – SAFED 1:1 (3.5hr module) In-Cab

This course aims to give the candidate the necessary skills, knowledge and techniques in becoming a Safe and Fuel Efficient Driver. Based on the standard one-day SAFED course, this is delivered in a 3.5-hour module on a one to one basis with a fully qualified SAFED instructor, enabling the driver to attend another module in the other part of the day.

J – Product Awareness This course was originally developed in conjunction with the petrochemical sector, aimed at providing knowledge to drivers on the handling characteristics of specific chemical products. Now extended to other sectors, such as aggregates, drivers will

look at product properties, associated hazards and the associated transport and safety requirements.

K – Driver Safety at Work (including Daily Vehicle Checks) One of the most important tasks for a driver, which is emphasised all too often by Traffic Commissioners. The aim of this course is to train drivers in the techniques of carrying out vehicle checks and defect reporting. Supports your own procedures and assists Transport Managers to demonstrate effective operations.

L – Driver & Vehicle Security Aimed at drivers who are involved in the transport of high consequence, high-value goods and/or undertaking international journeys involving border crossings. The module looks at the motivation and sophistication of both criminals and terrorists and the risks facing drivers today. This course provides drivers with the knowledge of how to minimise or avoid potential risks to their load, vehicle and themselves by adopting strategies to reduce occupational road risks.

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